We offer Exhaust Fans from a variety of companies including:


  • Direct Drive and Belt Drive
  • Variety of motor options
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Easy to install and service


Offering Light & Heavy Duty Kitchen Exhaust Fans


Direct Drive and Belt Drive Centrifugal Roof Exhausters are designed for roof mounted installations in low to medium pressure applications. Domex Fans are ideal for general purpose exhaust applications including: bathrooms, garages, general kitchen areas, offices, churches, dormitories, factories, large warehouses and other relatively clean air applications

Heavy Duty Exhaust Blowers

Whether installing a new kitchen ventilation system or renovating an existing one, quality conscious restaurant owners and designers have insisted on GBD from Supreme Fan for over 25 years. This exceptional, heavy duty, curb mounted exhaust blower system is easily installed, delivers efficient performance and offers easy access for cleaning and servicing. The GBD, with static pressure capabilities to 5” w.g., is available in seven sizes from 12” – 30” and in CFM ranges from 500 –14,000.


Centrifugal Fans are SWSI, Class I, Arrangement 9 and 10 general purpose air moving devices. They are used for supply or exhaust applications in commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC systems. At the heart of the Dynamo is a computer-designed, backward inclined, centrifugal wheel. This heavy duty non-overloading aluminum wheel assures low noise and high efficiency performance.